Signature dishes

Our Signature Dishes

A feast for a Sultan – What differentiates our restaurant is quite simple; a passion for creating an authentic culinary Turkish experience for our guests complemented by our restaurant’s beautiful ambiance. Using only the freshest of ingredients our chef and staff each ensure that every dish on our menu, representing Turkey’s variety culinary influences; is a joy for our guest to experience.

Metre Kebab

Meter Kebab – a metre long serving of kebab is an evolution and celebration of the many different types of kebab. Drawing upon the flavours of Adana and Urfa – ancient cities of Turkey – and made with ground lamb and infused with the sweetest of spices it is then marinated over- night with Sumac for optimum taste to be grilled slowly on a charcoal grill delightfully sealing the elongated kebab’s flavour profile.

Konya Etli Ekmek

From Konya – known as the city of the famous Rumi; in the heart of Anatolia, we bring you Etli Ekmek otherwise known as Konya Bread with Meat; Et meaning meat and Ekmek meaning bread. A freshly baked thin layer of crispy dough is covered with a mix of sweet spices & herbs, minced meat topping, finely chopped onions, and garnished with grilled peppers and tomatoes for a perfectly delectable lunch for 2 or 4.

Sultan Platter & Kuzu Tandir Pilavli

Sultan Platter

A feast for a Sultan – A selection of meat and chicken, marinated in our signature sauce and spices, served with our fire roasted red and green peppers, onions, tomatoes, all grilled to mouth-watering perfection. The Sultan Tabak is a platter fit for a Sultan and is one of Turkish Village’s most impressive dishes. Serves 4.

Kuzu Tandir Pilavli

Kuzu Tandir Pilavli – Lamb Tandour with Rice; a first grade selection of lamb shanks are cooked slowly and roasted for hours, resulting in soft, tender meat that falls away from the bone. Served with rice, the meat is fragrant, tender, earning the dish its status as one of Turkey’s most beloved dishes. Serves 4 and must be ordered 4 hours in advance.

Tuzda Tavuk

From the Hatay province – Tuzda Tavuk or Roast Chicken is one of the restaurant’s show-stoppers; a chicken covered in a hard salt dome, baked in a traditional wood oven, and cooked to perfection. Serves 2 people.

 Testi Kebab

A little theatre at the dining table never hurt anybody and ordering a testi kebab will certainly bring you an entertaining (and tasty) meal. Meat and vegetables are slow-cooked in a sealed pot, and when it arrives at your table, your waiter will bring out a knife & hammer and slice the top of the pot right in front of your eyes while cracking the clay to open the pot and let out the fragrant steam and the extremely tender meat.